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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, part 14 (bi-high school)I know the last part was a little short on sex, but we have to have some
actual story too, don’t we?___________Experimenting 14_______________
At the same time Gary’s entire perspective on his family was exploding like
a fertilizer bomb, Carolyn and Jamie were sitting on a park bench Preteen Nymphets Pictures outside
the municipal pool, enjoying soft serve cones, watching the swimmers, and
smiling contentedly at each other, giggling from time to time.”What are you so happy about, you horny redheaded slut?” asked Jamie
teasingly, causing Carolyn to howl in mock protest and smack her lightly on
the arm.”Fuck you sideways, bitch–and that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!” teased
Carolyn, and looked off thoughtfully toward the pool. “I’m happy because I
feel like I’m finally in on the joke–I finally understand what the big
deal is about sex, about why people want it so much, about why it drives
people to do such crazy shit.” She looked deeply and longingly into Jamie’s
eyes and continued, “I mean, shit, I’ve come like six times today and I’m
still so wet I’m like dripping– I’d fuck you again right this second if I
could. I feel like I just started, like, the best vacation ever, and it’s
not going to end any time soon.”Jamie smiled at her friend’s over-the-top enthusiasm. “I know what you
mean–when Margie made me come the first time I thought I’d have to jerk
myself off 10 times a day after that or explode. Come to think of it I
actually did for a while, but then I kind of settled down. The last couple
of days has really kind of brought that feeling back, though–even talking
about it again’s making my clit hard, and I don’t have a lot of self
control when I get hard. Not sure why I haven’t been fucked by about 10
guys already `cause I think I’m more like them sexually than most other
girls–present company excepted, of course.”Carolyn looked pensive. “Do you want to fuck a guy?” she asked,
hesitantly.”Honey, if I get horny enough I’d want to fuck that tree,” responded Jamie
kiddingly, pointing to an adjacent maple. “But I know why you’re
asking–remember the conversation we had on the roof? This is the time in
our lives we need to experiment, with everything, not just sex. We’re new
at stuff, and we need to try it all. So yes, I want to fuck a guy, and
probably soon–just the thought of some big hard pole going in and out and
shooting juice in me makes me so hot!” She involuntarily clenched her
hands together and tucked them between her legs, commencing a small rocking
motion.Carolyn absorbed all this for a Preteen Nymphets Pictures
moment, staring at the pool, then said, “I
know you’re right, and I like the sound of something big moving inside me,
but right now I’m not feeling much of an attraction to guys–they’re so
rough and loud and full of shit, mostly. I mean I think penises are
interesting and all with how they grow and stuff, but I think I’d like them
better if they weren’t attached to the rest of the guy, you know?”"Well, I have a little something back in my closet that I bought online
without my mom knowing that might be just what you’re after,” Jamie noted
mysteriously. “Ok, look at the people in the pool for a minute. Who do
you think is hot?”Carolyn surveyed the activity in front of her for a moment or two until her
eye was caught by a beautifully tanned, slender but shapely brunette in a
very small pink bikini, her long, silky brown hair blowing slightly in the
breeze. “She’s pretty cute,” observed Carolyn.”Too easy,” said Jamie, “She’s a knockout. But you know what? That’s Joe
Keenan’s little sister. You know, the quarterback of the football team?
Totally Abercrombie model hot? That’s her–she’s 13.”"No Way!”"Way. I totally agree she’s smokin’ hot, particularly for 13, and she’d be
a wet dream riot to seduce and fuck. But not likely–I hear she’s a bitch
and completely into herself. Find someone else–let’s find out if you have
a `type’.”Carolyn cast her eyes around for another minute, absorbing the scene. A
young boy, no more than 8 or 9, ran by sporting an obvious erection in his
nylon trunks, the little spike sticking out a good 3 inches and not moving
at all as he ran, causing the girls to crack up. “Wonder what he was doing
in the water?” laughed Carolyn. “And with who?” added Jamie, “Not a bad
size for his age really–it was kind of cute.”Carolyn looked around randomly again until she spotted another young girl
sitting by herself on a lounge chair on the other side of the pool, up
against the fence. She had shoulder length brown hair and enormous eyes,
visible to Carolyn even from across the pool, and was wearing a light
yellow bikini with boy short bottoms. What initially grabbed Carolyn’s
attention was the girl’s posture in the chair–she was sitting with her
arms crossed and buried between her thighs, rocking slightly, exactly as
Jamie had been doing a few moments ago during a surge of horniness, and she
was looking around rather furtively. Was she playing with herself, Carolyn
wondered, and directed Jamie’s attention that way also: “Jame? Check out
the girl in the corner–the one in the yellow suit. Is she doing what I
think she’s doing?”Jamie focused. “I vote yes. She’s kind of cute, too. Let’s see what she
does.” After a moment of intense rocking, the girl stopped, looked around,
and got up, bending over her lounge chair and getting something out of her
bag. “Whoaaa,” said Jamie softly, “What an ass.” The girl looked to be
built like a gymnast, on the short side, with not much of a taper to her
waist and not much in the way of breasts, but with narrow hips, a solid
looking round ass and shapely, muscular legs. As she turned around to tie
her hair back, she revealed a well defined stomach, and most intriguing to
Carolyn and Jamie, a clearly bulging pubic mound with definition between
the plump looking lips. “Oh, good catch Cary–she’s a hottie, and it seems
like maybe a horny hottie at that.”After tying her hair back the girl sat back down, legs slightly elevated,
moving her knees back and forth, alternately flashing and covering her
prominent crotch, then started jiggling her legs at high speed. Obviously
restless, she looked around carefully again and resumed her previous
posture of hands joined and plunged between her thighs, which were tightly
closed, her ass rocking slightly but obviously up and down. “Oh, this is
making me fucking hot,” said Jamie quietly, her legs crossed tightly, the
uppermost leg swinging quickly back and forth. After a minute of two the
girl’s ass movement started getting more pronounced and her eyes closed,
her head thrown back, until she stopped suddenly and her eyes snapped back
open, looking around. “I think she knew she was getting carried away,”
observed Carolyn. “Too bad. I was about to get carried away myself.”The girl got up from her lounge chair then and headed toward the locker
room, her perfect ass twitching as she walked. “Tell me if I’m wrong,”
said Carolyn, “But is that a wet spot on her bottoms?”Jamie had noticed the same thing. “Yup,” she agreed, “Definite wet spot.
Wonder where she’s going.”"And Preteen Nymphets Pictures what she’s going to do when she gets there,” added Carolyn.”Probably the same thing I have to do, like real soon,” observed Jamie.”Mmmm, yeah, me too. Think we should go find out for sure?”"Yeah–she looked like she might need some help.”"And we’re kind of experts, right?” Carolyn noted. Jamie nodded quickly
with a smile, “I’m sure liking the new Carolyn!” she said happily, and the
girls got up off the bench and headed for the pool entrance.
***************************Gary sat in shock on the couch, watching his father’s large erection
getting sucked by his mother’s sister. Despite himself and somewhat
against his will, he could feel his own cock stiffening as the scene
continued; he looked over at Greg, whose attention was intently focused on
the screen, and noted that he was again fully hard also and slowly jacking
his foreskin back and forth. “You know what must have happened,” Gary said
softly, causing Greg’s attention to be distracted from the TV, “I must have
recorded over the first part of this when I recorded the girls this
morning…”"Yeah, but then where are the girls?”"Well I’m not saying I didn’t fuck it up, but this Preteen Nymphets Pictures is my dad’s tape–at
least this way he’ll never know we saw it. If the girls were on it he’d
know and I’d get double killed both for taping my sister and for looking at
his…private…what he’s doing here…” Which at that moment was
pistoning his cock quickly into his sister in law’s mouth until his rhythm
broke slightly, and when he pulled his cock out the camera zoomed in on it
as he released a large spurt of sperm onto the woman’s face, followed by
several more copious shots.”Ohh sorry dude I know it’s wrong Preteen Nymphets Pictures but it’s still fuckin hot…ohhhhh…”
groaned Greg as he ejaculated a large load into the air and then concluded
his orgasm with several shots onto his stomach. “Can you get me a paper
towel or something?” he asked the very confused Gary, who nodded dumbly and
went in to his father’s workbench area and grabbed a shop towel. His mind
was flying in several different directions–his first thought, oddly, was
that his dad had a pretty nice looking cock, and he hoped his would get
that big and come that much someday. He had always thought of his dad as
pretty dull; he liked to drink and play golf and hang out with his friends
and tell stupid but not dirty jokes, and Gary’d never found Playboys or
anything under his bed (and he had looked, since several of his friends had
found them under their dad’s beds or mattresses). But here he is, getting
sucked off by his wife’s sister–what was up with that? Gary had actually
always thought that his Aunt Megan was pretty nice looking for an older
lady–she had to be at least 35 or so, a couple years younger than his
mom–but he certainly never thought of her in a sexual way. And what would
his mom say? Would she divorce his dad? Would he be from a broken home,
all because he was a little Preteen Nymphets Pictures
pervert who just had to video his sister having
sex? It was all too depressing–yesterday morning he was just a happy,
stupid, normal kid, and now sex had fucked it Preteen Nymphets Pictures all up.”Dude, you better get out here,” yelled Greg from the other room.Now what, thought Gary as he moped back into the TV room–would it be a
video of his dad like robbing a bank or something? But no–his mother’s
face was now several times life size on the 65″screen, tongue kissing his
aunt like there was no tomorrow, the two of them sharing his father’s
creamy load as it slid slowly down his aunt’s face. “I wondered who was
working the camera,” noted Greg absently.”Oh, this is just too fuckin’ weird,” groaned Gary as he tossed Greg the
shop towel and collapsed onto the couch, both curious and fearful about
what would come next.*******************Carolyn and Jamie showed their season passes to the girl at the desk and
moved silently into the girl’s locker room, pausing just inside the
entrance; there appeared to be no one there, and the only sound they were
aware of was the soft dripping of Preteen Nymphets Pictures the showers. “She’s got to be in here,”
whispered Jamie as they headed for the toilet area. Only the door to the
farthest handicap stall was closed, and they looked under the row Preteen Nymphets Pictures of stalls
from the opposite end to see a pair of tanned calves and feet, moving just
slightly. Jamie put her finger to her mouth in a “shhh” gesture, then
pointed to her ears and to the stall, indicating that they should just stay
where they were and listen for a moment.It was silent at first, but then they could hear a periodic soft grunt or
“eep” sound emanating from the stall. Carolyn smiled, nodded her head, and
resumed listening. After another minute they could hear the girl’s
breathing intensify, and a very faint rhythmic squishing sound became
audible. Carolyn looked over at Jamie to see that her friend was cupping
and rubbing her bulging mound over her jean shorts, a look of sexual
distress on her face. This caused a gush of fluid to explode into
Carolyn’s borrowed thong, and in desperation she grabbed Jamie’s hand,
pulled her down the row of stalls into the one adjacent the handicap stall,
and shut the door behind them. As they heard a sharp intake of breath from
next door, she took Jamie’s face between her hands and looked wildly into
her eyes, then fused their mouths together into a deep, wet kiss. “I can’t
fucking stand it anymore,” Carolyn gasped, breaking the kiss and not caring
that the reason they had come into the locker room was about 2 feet
away. “If I don’t come within about one minute I swear to god I’m going to
die,” she continued, fumbling open the button Preteen Nymphets Pictures on Jamie’s shorts, ripping
the zipper Preteen Nymphets Pictures down, and plunging her hand inside, her index and middle finger
immediately separating Jamie’s soaked and swollen lips and diving deep into
her drenched and open hole, where she began a rapid fucking motion.
Jamie’s knees buckled and she had to grab the toilet paper dispenser to
keep from collapsing to the floor, but once she had righted herself she
immediately reached under Carolyn’s sundress, hooked her finger through one
of the dainty strings of the sodden thong and tugged, snapping it instantly
and it slid down Carolyn’s leg. Once out of the way, Jamie returned the
favor, taking Carolyn’s entire eager sex into the palm of her hand and
rubbing the lips and clit intensely, while returning her mouth to Carolyn’s
where they resumed their passionate kiss.Both girls were quickly ascending to the peak of what were going to be
explosive orgasms when Carolyn heard an unfamiliar moan and caught a
movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked up to the top of the
stall wall just in time to see two eyes and a shock of brown hair disappear
quickly and jerkily out of view, followed by a large thump and crash and an
“Ooooowwwwww!!!” howl of pain. The girls quickly but reluctantly stopped
what they were doing and paused a brief moment to clear their heads before
Jamie climbed on the toilet and looked into the adjacent stall where the
gymnast-looking girl was lying on the floor, bottomless, gripping her
ankle. “Omigod, are you okay?” asked Jamie.”Nnoooooo…” whined the girl, “My ankle hurts really bad…”"Hang on,” said Jamie, and pulled her pool pass out of her shorts pocket,
exited the stall, inserted the pass into the door gap of the handicap
stall, and slid it upward until the latch swung out of the way. Carolyn
followed her into the stall, which was about twice the size of the one they
had been in, and saw the girl on the floor next to the shared wall of their
stalls, her right knee bent and both hands around her right ankle, rocking
back and forth with a grimace of pain on her face. Carolyn also couldn’t
help noticing the prominently bulging Preteen Nymphets Pictures outer vaginal lips at the apex of her
very shapely and muscular looking thighs, with a small tuft of brown pubic
hair at the top. The lips looked very red and moist. As Carolyn was
staring at the girl’s crotch, Jamie crouched down next to her and said
“What happened honey?”The girl looked up at Jamie and her face cleared a little. Close up, she
appeared no more than thirteen or fourteen, with huge, liquid brown eyes
and a smattering of freckles across her nose; she was very cute.
“I…I…was in h…here…and ummmm…I heard you…guys and
ummmm…ohhhhh.” Her concentration broke as she noticed that the beautiful
girl crouched in front of her was not wearing anything on her bottom half
either, Jamie having left her shorts in the adjacent stall, and had an
amazingly swollen vaginal area. As Jamie’s clit was still almost fully
hard and throbbing as they had been interrupted just short of orgasm, it
was hard to miss. Still staring at Jamie’s sex, she continued, “and ummm, I
heard you guys, ummm, you know, and I wanted to see what, ummm, you were
doing so I got up on the toilet and then I fell,” and the grimace of pain
returned.”What’s your name, honey?”"B…Beth.”"Well, Beth, let’s get you up on the toilet here–you don’t want to stay on
the gross floor–Cary, grab her other arm,” directed Jamie, and as Carolyn
moved over Beth to help her up, Beth looked up and noticed Carolyn’s lack
of underwear beneath her sundress. Beth had never seen red pubic hair
before, and thought it was fascinating. Despite the pain in her ankle, she
became aware that her arousal was quickly returning. As Jamie and Carolyn
helped her up onto the toilet seat, she realized that she was almost at eye
level with Jamie’s succulent and very excited looking pussy, and she
couldn’t help looking at it. “Thanks,” she said absently, “You guys
are…really nice, ummmm…and…ummm…don’t think I’m weird ok but,
ummm…your, hmmm, pussies…hee hee… are really cool,” Beth stammered
uncomfortably.Beth’s comment took Jamie slightly by surprise and forced her out of her
current “nurse” mode and back into her more familiar “horndog” mode. “Oh,
you think so, do you?” she replied, taking a step back to actually look at
their young injured friend for the first time. As she had initially
thought, Beth was a major cutie, and with the way she was sitting, on the
front part of the toilet with her legs slightly spread, it was apparent
that the girls’ assessment of her genital endowment was right Preteen Nymphets Pictures
on also; her
mound was quite prominent and outer vaginal lips were very plump, about an
inch apiece, and although her inner lips were not visible the space between
the outers was rather wide and open looking. There was sparse brown hair
only at the top Preteen Nymphets Pictures of her slit; the outer lips were completely bare. Jamie
decided to tease Beth a little and reached down for her own sex, spreading
the swollen inner lips open a bit, causing her re-hardening clit to pop out
from its hood almost completely, and as she lightly stroked the head with
the tip of her index finger she felt a rush of sensation that weakened her
legs once again. “What part of it do you like the best?” she asked Beth,
who was staring wide-eyed at the show going on about two feet in front of
her face.”Ohhhh, I don’t know…it’s just so, like, meaty and…ummm that one part
sticks out a lot,” Beth mumbled, her hand stealing up her thigh toward her
open pussy.”Mmmm, you mean this part?” Jamie teased as she grabbed her now fully hard
clit between thumb and forefinger and slowly started pulling the hood back
and forth over the Preteen Nymphets Pictures long shaft.”Ummmyeaahhhhh,” moaned Beth breathlessly as her hand found her crotch and
she began running a finger up and down her gaping slit. She looked up at
Carolyn then and said “Ohhhh, yours is really pretty too…your hair is a
cool color…can I see it again?”Carolyn wordlessly pulled her sundress over her head, leaving her totally
nude, and hung it on the hook on the back of the stall door, immediately
dropping her hand to her crotch and sliding her index finger along her
swollen gash. Her eyes closed momentarily with the strong sensation but
then opened when she was reminded that there were two sexy girls
masturbating right in front of her, which was better than any pictures her
mind could provide. Beth’s finger was moving faster and digging itself
deeper into her slit, and she hesitantly asked the girls “Ummm…can you
guys maybe do what you were doing before? I was almost ready to
ummmm…get over…when I fell…”Jamie, smiling, reached out for Carolyn and said “Well, if it Preteen Nymphets Pictures will make you
feel better…”, then plunging her tongue deep into Carolyn’s mouth and her
right Preteen Nymphets Pictures middle finger deep into Carolyn’s excited sex. Carolyn reciprocated,
and within 30 seconds they were back to exactly where they had left off,
rapidly scaling the heights of orgasm, only this time with an audience that
appeared to be enjoying it almost as much as they were. Beth’s middle
finger was now buried deep into her slit, pumping in and out quickly as the
palm of her hand maintained a constant pressure on her mound and clit,
until after no more than two minutes she moaned out “Ohhhhhhh!” and her
hips began to spasm and thrust her whole midsection against her hand as Preteen Nymphets Pictures
burst into coming. Not that they weren’t almost there anyway, but that was
enough to finish off Carolyn and Jamie, who started frantically bucking
against each other’s hands and grunting with the effort. “Ohhhh
Gooooodddddd,” wailed Carolyn as her orgasm washed over her, and within
five seconds thereafter Jamie rasped out “Fuuuuuuuccckkkkk—Oh-oh-oh” and
a copious burst of juice spurted out over Carolyn’s hand to land with an
audible splat on the tile floor, followed by two more expulsions. As
Carolyn and Jamie slowly wound down, they looked at their new friend who
was still looking up at them, smiling, her big eyes so wide they seemed to
fill up half of her face. Her legs and sex were splayed wide open, and the
small inner lips of her vagina were now slightly visible, as was the small
bump of her hard clit at the top. Carolyn was overcome with how lovely she
was at that moment, and bent down slowly to Beth’s slightly open mouth,
kissing her gently. She tentatively extended her tongue and ran it along
Beth’s lips, and was gratified when Beth’s mouth opened and sucked her
tongue inside, swirling it around with her own.As the kiss continued, Jamie noticed Beth’s hips again start to rotate
slightly, and she dropped to her knees between Beth’s widely spread legs,
leaning in and kissing her prominent mound before lowering her lips and
tongue to the bulging treasure beneath. Although she was initially unsure
how her efforts would be received, her question was answered when Beth’s
hips gave a sharp thrust up to meet her mouth, which she then fastened onto
Beth’s heaving sex so the rolling hips could not throw her off. Beth’s
taste was sensational, Jamie thought, sweet and clear and not pungent in
the slightest, and she began lashing her tongue up and down the creamy
opening. Beth was moaning nonstop around Carolyn’s tongue at this point
but still maintained the passionate kiss until Jamie inserted her index
finger into Beth’s open hole, thrusting it in and out in rhythm with her
licking, causing Beth to pull away from Carolyn and emit a stifled scream
as her orgasm broke and her pussy rhythmically clamped down on Jamie’s
finger. As the contractions slowed, Jamie looked up at Carolyn and smiled,
but then said with some seriousness, “We need to get the fuck out of
here–this was way, way more public than the dressing room and way louder.”Carolyn nodded and looked at Beth, saying “I think she’s right, honey.
Better safe than sorry. How’s your ankle?”Beth smiled slightly and said “What ankle? No, I’m not sure–I really
haven’t tried to put any weight on it yet. I should probably try…can you
hand me my bottoms?” Jamie found them on the hook under Carolyn’s
sundress, which she handed back to her also, and gave the bottoms to Beth,
watching as she pulled them up her shapely legs and over her round ass,
marveling at how visible her pussy bulge was through the tight yellow
fabric. Now Preteen Nymphets Pictures the only thing was her own shorts, which she found on the
floor of the adjacent stall, pulled up and zipped, being sure that nothing
was hanging out since her parts were still somewhat engorged. “You ready to
get up?” she asked Beth.”Uh-huh,” said Beth hesitantly, and as Carolyn and Jamie lifted her up with
a hand under each arm Beth stood unsteadily, putting increasing pressure on
the injured leg. “I don’t think it’s broken,” she said, “because I
wouldn’t be able to do this if it was. Let me try to walk a little.” The
girls released her but stayed close as she limped slowly out of the stall.
There were a couple of younger girls in the changing area who looked at
them a little funny as they passed, but Carolyn hoped it was only because
of Beth’s limp. Carolyn held her right hand in support as they left the
locker room area and headed for the front desk, and asked “Is there
somebody who could come pick you up? Even if it’s not broken you probably
shouldn’t walk on it. I could call on my phone if there is.”"Yeah, my mom can get me–I just live over on Homer. I need my stuff,
though.”"I can Preteen Nymphets Pictures get it,” volunteered Jamie, “You go out front with Cary and call and
I’ll get your stuff,” and she went out the pool access door.As Carolyn and Beth slowly went out to the street and Beth had called her
mom, Beth said, concerned, “Wait, how will she know what stuff is mine?”"Oh, don’t worry about that,” said Carolyn with a giggle, “We were kind of
watching you before, so we know where you were sitting.”Beth looked perplexed and said “You were watching me?” and then reddened
when she realized what she had been doing before going into the locker
room. “Was it that obvious?”"Oh, probably not to most other people…you see, Jamie and I, umm, well
let’s just say we’ve got really good `sex sense’ these days. I first was
just watching you because I thought you were cute.”"Really? Wow, thanks. Umm, are you guys like… ummm…lezbos? Is that
the word?”Carolyn smiled, but it didn’t go all the way up to her eyes. “Well, it’s
really `lesbians’, but I don’t know the answer to that. I’m pretty sure
Jamie’s not, at least. We just like sex. And we thought you were sexy.”Beth nodded and smiled prettily. “I think you guys are really sexy too,
and I loved watching you, and I loved kissing you, and I loved what Jamie
did while I was kissing you–I’ve never had sex with anybody else before,
but if that’s what it’s like I like it a lot too. Ummm…is
there…uhhhh…do you want…do you think we could maybe do that again
sometime? Either all of us or just at least you and me?”Carolyn felt a small gush of juice fill her pussy at the thought of having
sex again with this cute girl, but said, “Can I ask how old you are?”"Thirteen,” said Beth confidently, but then her face dropped somewhat.
“Does that matter?”Carolyn looked off into space for a moment, considering, “Well, I think it
should; it would matter to most people but I’m not sure it does to me. And
I’m not sure what that says about me.”Beth was a little confused, but since she hadn’t heard a definite “no” she
decided to leave it at that. Jamie walked up carrying Beth’s bag and
towel, noticing the odd look on Carolyn’s face. “You guys ok?”"We’re good,” chirped Beth. “I was telling Cary…that is your name isn’t
it? Cary that…oh here’s my mom…thanks so much for…everything you
guys…Cary you’ve got my number on your phone…call me ANY TIME, ok?
Bye!” And Beth’s mom drove off.”So, are we getting together with our hot new friend again soon, I hope I
hope I hope?” asked Jamie.”You know our `new friend’ is only 13,” noted Carolyn.”So?” said Preteen Nymphets Pictures Jamie, “I mean, I was 13 when I started fooling around with
Margie–barely 13 at that–and I didn’t turn out too bad.”"I guess it just sounds weird to me since I started so Preteen Nymphets Pictures late,” admitted
Carolyn, and put her arm around Jamie’s waist.”Well, that’s why we have a lot of lost time to make up for. Can we go
home now? I kind of want to see what those other two teen perverts in my
house are up to.” Carolyn nodded and smiled, and they walked out of the
park Preteen Nymphets Pictures together.*********Keep those eMails coming! I keep meaning to get all the kids together but
these side stories keep jumping in–hope you’re enjoying! –A

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